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Do you have misophonia?

If so, please do not come to Trieste.

Trieste is north-eastern city in Italy.

The most famouse thnig in this is the Bora.

The Bora is a northern to north-eastern katabatic wind in the Adriatic, Croatia, Montenegro, Italy, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Poland, Russia (Novorossiysk) and Turkey.


Usually it comes in winter season(Dec.,Jan.,Feb. also Mar.)

Its speed is usually above 120 km/h reaching to maxima of near 200 km/h.

The difference from typhoon is that this doesn't accompany rain,

and last continuously for 3-4 days.


That is quite annoying...Curse it!! shit!!!

The Bora goes with long and rasping sound all the day endless.

Windows rattles without stopping and nag nerves!!


Scooters and trash cans on the street fall across the road.

These keep people wake up all night. 

Rubbish flies over the city.


Trieste is one of worst city in Italy.

(I am talking about also character and personality of Trieste citizen.)








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