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단원 김홍도(1745 - 1806) <황묘농접(노란 고양이가 나비를 놀리다)> 종이에 채색 46.1 x 30.1cm (간송미술관 소장)





김홍도는 그냥 천재가 아니었을까싶다.



조선후기 작품이면서도 현대미술 느낌이 난다.



색채와 붓의 강약 조절이 섬세하면서도 강렬하다.









김홍도, 총석정 1795년, 을묘년화첩 중, 지본담채, 23.3*27.7cm, 개인 소장





Kim Hong-do (김홍도, b. 1745, d. 1806?-1814?), most often styled Danwon 단원, was a full-time painter of the Joseon period of Korea. He was together a pillar of the establishment and a key figure of the new trends of his time, the 'true view painting'. Kim Hong-do was an exceptional artist in every field of traditional painting, even if he is mostly remembered nowadays for his depictions of the everyday life of ordinary people, in a manner analogous to the Dutch Masters. <from Wikipedia>





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