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  변상벽(1730 - ?) <국정추묘(국화핀 뜰 안의 가을 고양이)> 종이에 채색 225.5 x 29.5cm  (간송미술관 소장)






변상벽은 1973년에 태어났습니다.

영조때 화원으로 우리나라 고미술사에서 고양이를 가장 많이 그렸던 화가입니다.


조선후기 사실주의에 영향을 미친 화가이고,

동물화 발전에 기여한 바가 큽니다.




우리나라 화가 중에 가장 좋아하는 화가인데요,


조선시대 그림인데도 세련된 느낌마저 듭니다.







   변상벽 <묘작도> 종이에 채색 124.5 x 60cm (서울대 박물관 소장)




Byeon Sang-byeok was a Korean painter of the Miryang Byeok clan during the late period of the Korean Joseon Dynasty (1392–1910). Byeon is famous for his precise depictions on animals and people in detailed brushwork.


His courtesy name (ja) is Wanbo and pen name (ho) is Hwajae. His birth and death dates are unknown, but was active in the mid 18th century during King Sukjong's (r.1674–1720) and King Yeongjo's reign (r. 1724–76). Byeon was praised for his excellent depictions of animals and people. He served as a royal painter of Dohwaseo, the office of painting and then as a hyeongam, a magistrate of a small province.


According to the book titled Jinhui sokgo (震彙續攷), Byeon Sang-byeok was especially excellent at depicting cats and chicken, so he gained nicknames like Byeon Goyang (trans. Byeon Cat) and Byeon Dak (Byeon Rooster). In addition, the book says that Byeon was famous for drawing portraits too, so he was also referred as Guksu (國手, a first class artisan) of the time, and his portrait works are over 100 pieces.


Though, one of his extant portraits, the portrait of Yun Geup, an officer, does not show his excellent skills. He participated in drawing the portraits of King Yeongjo in 1763 and 1773 <From Wikipedia>







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